News: April 2016

(4-18) More Updates

Unusually active as of late. I’ve decided to tentatively pick up the trial version of Island, to continue it once it’s released late in the month. Alongside this, I’ll be playing Tree of Savior, as I need a way to use my time. On the off chance that somebody knows how to properly hook kanishino, then by all means let me know. I’d appreciate it. While I’m able to read the vast majority of the lines without much assistance, it’s a lot faster if I have the furigana shown, or a handy dictionary available for scroll-over.


(4-17) Updates

Toki wo Tsumugu Yokusoku’s review is up. I may have gone too hard on it. Oh well.

I wanted to read kanishino next, but it seems that I can’t reliably hook it. Due to this, I’m left without a work to play. I might consider playing MMORPGs for a while until a new, interesting work comes out. Still undecided.

News: March 2016

(3-16)  More Finals & More Life

I’m in the midst of finals week right. I’ve finished two of my final papers (Scandinavian and Quantum Mechanics), and am in the process of working on the two remaining ones (Aesthetic Value and Language). As of late, I’ve only really been watching anime. I think that the next visual novel which I’ll pick up is Akeiro Kaikitan, written by the author of Nanairo Reincarnation.

In other news, I went to the beach yesterday for the fourth time this month. I’ve never wanted to go the beach less in my life than I did yesterday. Now, I understood that most people would kill to spend a day relaxing at the beach in the midst of finals week. But, you know, it sort of loses its appeal when you’ve go to the beach on a weekly basis (cycling exercise or going with friends). Yesterday, I went with R, because she wanted to see the pier.

Being with R was in a way, depressing. I don’t think that R and I share many actual things in common; our personalities are too different (not in the good, complementing type of way). Spending this much time with a girl that I don’t really like that much is somewhat depressing. At least we’re only friends, and not dating.

In more important news, I picked up a pair of Outlier’s New Ways after the restock in anticipation of the Spring and Summer. I’m pretty excited to see how they fare comparative to regular chino shorts from entry-level enthusiast brands like J. Crew and Bonobos.

(3-9) Finals & Life

So, as always, there’s no update on the visual novel front. If I do pick a work up, it’ll probably be after finals (finals week is next week). I’ve been catching up on anime as of late.

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