News: September 2016

(9-4) Updates

I haven’t really updated my blog recently. This is because I haven’t really done anything as of late to warrant an update. I haven’t read any new works since ISLAND.

This is due to a variety of reasons.

News: July 2016

(7-8)  Return from a Trip & Future Plans

A few days ago, I returned from my second trip to Japan. This time my trip lasted for a total of two weeks (rather than the one week I spent last year). How did the trip go? Well…

News: June 2016

(6-18) A Trip

Previously, I had planned to finish and review a work prior to my trip on the 20th. But, this is no longer the plan for a variety of reasons. Due in part to some recent tragedies, I probably won’t be able to read, much the less, review a work until early to mid July.

6-12) More Updates
I lied. I’m not reading the aforementioned work. This is because I can’t get the work to properly run (the text is messed up). In lieu of that, I’ve picked up another past release, but have yet to progress that much on it. It was hard to read during finals week, but now, it should be easier. So, hopefully I get that completed before the 20th — that’s the date of my trip.

Oh, and I graduated. Summa cum laude representin’.

(6-4) Updates

As of late, I haven’t really had the urge to read (or to even watch anime/indulge in Japanese media). I don’t know the actual cause of this. I can speculate that this is due in part to burn out from ISLAND, or just the media in general. Or perhaps my interests are moving onward elsewhere. Whatever the case may be, I’ve decided to pick up Sakura no Mori † Dreamers as my next work to read.

I make no guarantees in actually finishing the work; it’s a matter of how much I get drawn into it. On the surface, the work isn’t that interesting to me. But, it seems to fare moderately well quantitatively-speaking on both EGS and VNDB. So for now, I’ll give it an earnest shot.

News: May 2016

(5-21) An Update
Nothing much has changed.

After reading Island, I haven’t gotten the urge to read another novel yet. I think that this is due in part to two primary reasons. First, I’m unsettled, as I don’t know what Island was about — it’s still in the back of my mind, preventing me from fully moving on to another work. While I don’t claim to leave every work, appreciative of its entirety, for Island, I’ve yet to comprehend it basics. Second, as of late, I’ve been having more fun with non-novel related matters. Graduation’s around the corner after all.

(5-11) Island Review

(5-9) Island & Midterms

I should be studying for my midterms. But Island is too enticing. I think that it may be one of the better works in recent time. I think that I’m approaching the final route(s).

I don’t see how this work’s going to get adapted. On one hand, it’s disgustingly visual novel in structure (necessitates multiple routes). On the other hand, some of the content within the work isn’t appropriate for an alleged ‘all-ages’ novel, much the less, a more mainstream anime adaptation. I don’t think that making this work an all-age one was the most sound decision.


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